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Janet's Blog: 21st Aug 2012

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Should vegetables be included in the price of a pub main-course?

Waiters often forget to mention that the main course the customer ordered doesn’t automatically come with green veg. It is something that comes up time and time again on both our Silent Customer audits and via our online customer feedback. The outcome is usually one or more of the following:

• The diner, realising this only when the meal has arrived, doesn’t have time / can’t be bothered to order and then wait for the side order to arrive.
• The customer feels aggrieved that they have to pay extra on top of the advertised main course for what they deem to be a basic part of the meal.
• The main course invariably comes out looking somewhat beige in colour.
• The overall flavour and texture is carbs and protein and therefor lacks the crunch and freshness that a green veg provides.

Whilst up-selling a side order is a commonly used method of increasing spend per head, publicans need to gauge whether forgetting to offer or include a key component of a meal is worth the risk. Offering other upsells like pre-lunch nibbles and water for the table is rarely observed yet it enhances the customers experience and increases their spend

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