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As a Silent Customer AKA a mystery shopper you will be asked to covertly visit restaurants and pubs to experience the service, the food and other specific areas of the business. You will then be asked to complete a detailed on-line questionnaire.

In return for your observations and empathic, objective feedback, you will have the cost of your meal partly or fully reimbursed. With some retail or drink only visits there is also a small fee. 

Sounds great? Well it is, especially if your hobby is going to pubs or eating out anyway. But, remember there is no such thing as a free lunch! We are only keen on people with a genuine interest in the industry, whose motivations are more than free drinks or a meal. You will need to demonstrate that you have a genuine interest in the industry by submitting a demographic profile and short writing sample to demonstrate your eye for detail, objectiveness and literary skills.  

We are not looking for harsh restaurant critics. Our aim is to influence change through positive suggestions rather than criticism. Our Silent Customers are empathic in their narrative delivery and are motivators. 
Still interested? Then you just need to read our Need to Know stuff before you Register


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We are urgently looking for Silent Customers all over the Midlands and the South including but not exclusively: Oxfordshire, Berkshire, West & East Sussex, Cornwall, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Derby and Lisburn (northern Ireland).Click here to Become a Silent Customer

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