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Janet's Blog: 17th November 2012

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Should we report disparaging posts on Trip Advisor as 'inappropriate’?

I was off to one of my favourite local restaurant on Sat night and prior to going noticed that they had a link to Trip Advisor from their Facebook page.
I was horrified to see what a local person had written: “This restaurant is the Alan Partridge of eating establishments-faux Italian food & waiters, over confident, loud, horrendous acoustics, average food, boring menu and poor value. I should know-I live in Henley”.
Now, I like this restaurant because I see them as; professional waiters working in a lively atmosphere, delivering consistently well cooked and tasty simple Italian food. Traditional Italian food is simple by its very nature and I should know because I live in Henley!
I spend much time briefing Silent Customers to deliver feedback as positive suggestions rather than just pointing out what is wrong. Subjective criticism, on its own, can come across as, supercilious, aggressive and disparaging.   
Feedback is very important and I believe that Trip Advisor can be a very useful tool for both customers and restaurant owners but we need to remember that this IS someone’s lively-hood we are publically reviewing.  Always, always give feedback in a way which you would wish to receive it yourself at work EVEN if you did something really wrong!

I reported the post as inappropriate to Trip Advisor but maybe I'm being a little over sensitive about it? What do you think?
3rd Jan 2013: Just checked and Trip Advisor have taken it off!