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Janet 's Blog: 2nd Nov 2012

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Why do less than 50% of pubs offer second drinks at the table?

One question our Silent Customers are always asked is whether they were offered a second drink? This question is often met with varying degrees of head scratching from both tenants and Silent Customers alike; “But it’s not that kind of pub” I hear them cry.
Last weekend a Silent Customer wrote this response: “We were not asked if we would like second drinks with our meal. I did actually want a second drink but it was too busy at the bar to leave my table and queue”.
Now, I’m no mathematician but even I can work the following maths: If a pub has 40 customers a week, that don’t want to queue at the bar for another drink, at a £5 a glass of wine that’s over 10K a year revenue they are missing out on already. Then consider the other often missed up-sells of nibbles, desserts, mineral water, coffee…
Neil Ainsworth (nominated for BII Licensee of the Year 2012) and the landlord at The Argyll a town centre pub in Henley-on-Thames has this to say: “Taking service to the table increases customer spend. It gives an opportunity for staff to interact and recommend products we want to promote, plus, developing a rapport with customers in this way enables the team to up-sell easily. This builds staff confidence which in turn provides a more positive experience for our customers. The team are rewarded with tips for going the extra mile and having a “can do” attitude. As a successful business we are reliant not only on our level of service but by what and how much we can sell”.