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Janet's Blog: 11th Dec 2012

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When is a burger not a burger?

When it’s a burger cut in half and served in a whole burger bun!

I kid you not. Regrettably I did not take a picture of it. I think the disbelief and utter idiocy of it stopped any normal responses. I did ask the waitress where the other half was and she came back from the kitchen to tell me that it was something to do with how they roll them out but the chef would be willing to cook me an entire burger if I was prepared to wait. My mother endured something that resembled fish and chips. It was undoubtedly the worst pub meal I have ever had.

As we were the only customers eating in this pub on Friday night in December you would think that this alone would have been a substantial warning but I didn’t know the area to go anywhere else.  As we walked in there were three drinkers, with their coats on, huddled round the only lit fire with a few other patrons drinking at the bar. The rest of the pub was completely empty, very cold, with a second large dining room in darkness. Threadbare carpets, visible electric wires, dirty cutlery set out on the dining tables alongside beer mats as wine glass coasters. …I could go on.

When I went to pay, we didn’t stay very long, the landlady was extremely curt and aloof…I assume because I had dared to mention my 50% burger. I tried to make conversation and asked if it was a freehold. She replied, through gritted teeth, that it was.  I have seen this defensive and dismissive behaviour many times from arrogant publicans and managers who think they are more important than their customers. Talk about cut your nose off to spite your face… or in this case your burgers in half to ruin your business!    

The building itself is a gorgeous, white washed, traditional country Inn with low ceilings, oak beams and 4 large open fire places (3 of which were blocked in). It has ample parking and B&B accommodation.  It is a crying shame and if there was a RSPP Royal Society for the Protection of Pubs I would have to report them for cruelty.