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Janets Blog 18th December

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What does social media + disgruntled Chef = ?



The pub went from 2000 followers to over 4000 in a day. The story was covered in the national newspapers and, according to the Metro, the chef was offered another job the next day.

Prior to the feed being closed down, presumably by the pub, there was quite a lot of sympathy for the chef and horror at the revelation that the pub dared to make the odd purchase from the local supermarket. Honestly, why some customers think that there is a marked difference between buying orange juice or cream from the local supermarket to a wholesalers is beyond me. But, the thing that most surprised me was the amount of tweeters thinking that it would be completely possible and normal for a chef to have one of the busiest days of the year off just because he has procreated. Have things changed that much? In my day if you worked in a restaurant, hotel or pub that opened on Christmas day you were expected to all muck in and work it no matter what your status.

The lesson to the Plough is obvious but what of the pub that has taken on this chef? What kind of manager (chef or otherwise) makes his team work all of the worst unsociable days while he does none? (apparently he didn't want to work Sundays either) I think the Plough are better off without him.     

What say you?