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Janet's Blog: 19th April 2013

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What is 'traditional' Pub décor supposed to look like anyway?

There is no disputing that pubs that have had a professional makeover do better than those whose interiors resemble the pub in Shameless.

A client of mine recently pointed out that 20 years ago everyone went to the local pub because the interiors were so much nicer than their own homes. These days, with so much affordable home design, the house has become our personal palace of exceptionally good taste, whilst, many local pubs are still trying to get ‘just another two years’ out of a carpet that would do better being marvelled at in the bygone era section in the London Design Museum.   

Don’t get me wrong I do GET why some folk want to hang on to the ‘traditional’ pub/boozer look but then we were all in love with Woolworths once and I don’t remember anyone queuing up to buy pick and mix to save their necks!

I think there is a fine line between what is considered ‘traditional’ and what is considered as poor taste and while I debate this with my male chums on a weekly basis I would be interested to hear your thoughts!