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Janet's Blog: 26th April 2013

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Are pubs that don’t cater for women sabotaging their own business?

As I am in fact a women, in writing this blog you might think that my opinion will be biased. You could be right, but it's not because I want every pub to look like a trendy wine bar. NOOOOOO… far from it!

No. I am all for the pool table, darts and a TV for the Rugby (even though I don’t engage in any of these activities myself) but whilst many blokes enjoy limited conversation over the pool table with a nice pint of Cask Marque accredited, award winning Ale. Their female counterparts often have a rough deal, in comparison, when they have no choice other than to observe an interior that was last decorated in 1979 with a bottle of wine that tastes like it has been through someone once already.

If ‘boozers’ were still thriving on sales from men alone then fine but, they are not. Tired looking community pubs are closing everyday even though more women are drinking ale and cider themselves now. So, wouldn’t it makes sense to seek out and embrace a wider demographic?