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Janet's Blog: 27th March 2013

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Is being forced to eat a burger with a knife and fork a sin?

A silent customer recently expressed a slight displeasure at receiving a round burger that was stacked very elegantly and held together with a skewer.  Her ‘beef’ with it [excuse the pun] was that it collapsed into its separate elements as soon as the skewer was taken out rendering it impossible to pick up and take a bite out of it.

Now, I’m thinking that the whole point of a burger in a bun is so that you can pick up and shove all the components into one tasty mouthful. This way you can delight in the explosion of different flavours and textures all melting together.  There is something fundamentally wrong with a ‘deconstructed’ (by default rather than by design) burger and eating it in its separate components with a knife and fork. Like drinking Corona or Sol out of a glass rather than in its obligatory bottle with a wedge of lime or a Mr Whippy out of a tub instead of the traditional stale ice-cream cone…it just doesn’t taste quite right!

Am I just a middle aged bore rebuffing artful presentation for the sake of flavour alone or is being forced to eat a burger with a knife and fork, in fact, a sin?