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Janet''s Blog: 29th July

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Wooden boards & slates: Is it time to bring back plates?

I can’t remember the first time I had a burger served to me on a bread board but it seems a very long time ago.  Since then, myself and our Silent Customers have had a variety of food stuffs presented on blocks of wood, slates and, of late, I have noticed, an influx of rather bizarre faux slate platters made out of plastic. Now, call me ‘old fashioned’ but when did we start preferring plastic over china?! 

I personally love cheese and bread served on a bit of the rustic but I am over having to empty the contents of tin buckets, untie, unwrap, pour and assemble my meal before I can eat it. Thereafter, spending considerable effort, chasing it around a tiny block of wood to prevent spillage and ‘ham overboard’.

Nope, bring back round china plates with rims and cutlery. That’s what I say. What say you?