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Janets Blog: 5th Sept 2013

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Should you leave an angry or sarcastic response on Trip Advisor when a customer leaves negative feedback?

The answer is ‘Yes’ if you want to come across as supercilious and arrogant. ‘Yes’ if you want the person who has complained to rub their hands in glee at your faux pas and a super big ‘yes’ if you want to scare off potential new customers and sabotage your own business.

“But I must make a stand against customers who write unjust reviews as they damage the good reputation of my business” I hear you cry. Nope, sorry to be so harsh about this, but a defensive response will make you look like a spoilt child with limited emotional intelligence and it will more likely make for a shocking read than it will teach your complainer a lesson. Ultimately, defensive responses to any feedback and/or making excuses is unflattering on you and toe curling for the person hearing it.

Most potential customers reading reviews accept that there will always be a few overly critical customers or the odd busy day when things don’t run smoothly so, as long as the poor reviews are in the minority, they won’t pay too much attention to them. However, if you rant at the odd negative review you will present yourself as more Basil Fawlty than mine host and, as you are likely to be on duty more often than not, chances are most customers will avoid your business in fear of witnessing, face to face, one of your tantrums should they have a minor problem with their meal.

So be warned…responding with malice might feel good at the time but it will be the customer who complained that will have the last laugh!

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