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Qualifying Observations

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Qualifying Observations

We need you give reasons for your YES or NO answers, specially if you have marked down for something.

Use the comment to explain what happened, so we and the client can see that your mark is fair.

For example:  

Q: Were you offered coffee?

A: No

Poor comment: I was not offered coffee.  

This does not tell us whether you had asked for it ahead of them having the opportunity to offer it to you, or if they didn’t have any coffee available, or if they just forgot to offer it to you. If you had asked for coffee before they had the opportunity to offer it to you, it would be unfair to mark them down and the editors would change your answer to an N/A.

Good comment: No-one offered coffee when they took the dessert order. After our dessert plates were cleared, I waited to see if they would offer but the waitress went away. I then went to the bar to ask for coffees.

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