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Reasonable suggestions

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Making reasonable suggestions:

Making drastic changes isn’t within the power of managers and tenants. Suggesting structural changes to buildings or other costly alterations is unrealistic.

Don’t write that something is against statutory or legal regulations. You’re there as an ordinary customer. Even if you have the professional qualifications to make such comments, you can’t produce your credentials, because Silent Customers are anonymous. Comment on what you see and experience as if you were a bona fide diner or drinker.   

Please don’t mark down on the basis of a subjective opinion or an assumption that you can’t prove. You need to back it up by explaining what you saw or what happened.

Q. Were the staff appropriately dressed?

A. No

Poor comment: They looked scruffy

Your opinion of what is scruffy might be different from mine. You need to describe what you saw.

Good comment: The waiter was wearing ripped jeans and a dirty light blue tee shirt.

Your editor will agree that this doesn’t constitute appropriate dress. If you had said that the waiter wasn’t wearing a tie with his suit, that’s a different definition of scruffy or inappropriate. With that information, we could decide whether your answer of ‘No’ was fair.

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