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"Undertaking a Silent Customer assignment is always exciting, I never know what I am going to encounter. I look at their website before I visit in order to attain a feel for the venue. On arrival, it’s all about awareness, knowing what to look for, remembering the brief and being objective when criticism is called for. It’s obviously impossible to take notes, so I have to commit everything to memory but that’s not difficult if you have studied the brief well. I go online and complete the report as soon as I get home, taking my time and making sure I have been thorough and fair because someone’s business is relying on my feedback".

Sue Banks: Fourth Hospitality   


From country pubs to city centre restaurants, and beyond, becoming a Silent Customer has enabled me to enjoy and experience a wide variety of hospitality establishments. Through careful observation, attention to detail and constructive feedback Silent Customers can really shape the way businesses choose their approach to customer service, food quality and style.

The visits are planned in advance and give you the time to research the venue beforehand.

The feedback is through a user friendly online form which is emailed when the visit is arranged and reimbursement is speedy and simple.

The key to being an effective Silent Customer is to take notice, focus less on what is going wrong and more on how to help the business to improve weak areas, fine tune what they already do well ensuring and an even greater standard of service to their customers."  

Ben McEwen: Director at HotcatUK & Sales Manager at BaxterStorey



"A lot of the large mystery shopping companies now just want you to tick the boxes and if you don't give the reply they want, you get penalised for it and the costs don't even cover basic charges for doing the job.  There was one assignment I looked at the other day and the payment was £14 for a main meal and a drink and 2 of you had to go - I checked the outlets menu and the cheapest meal was about £16!  It makes me wonder what quality of reports some of these companies get when they don't even cover basic costs.  It is a shame and I have such a passion about quality and service.  I know staff are meant to ask questions in a certain way or do something specific and can get penalised for not doing it, however, they may not do something in exactly the same way but they often give me great service in doing it another way.  That's why I like The Silent Customer reports - they have flexibility to say more" 

Experienced mystery shopper and a Silent Customer   


If you are a Silent Customer already or a mystery shop for another company The Mystery Shoppers Hideout Facebook forum is for you. It's brilliant for finding more work, chatting to other MS's and for getting help and advice from experienced shoppers.

On this forum you will be able to chat to other Silent Customers who currently work for us too.

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